Introducing the Native American Flute Forum
Including all kinds of useful information by and for Native American Flute enthusiasts.
Presented by Dennis Sizemore and Scott Loomis
Welcome to the newest addition to Wind's Song Flutes' web page!

  What is the Flute Forum?
     For several years, Scott Loomis and I (Dennis) have enjoyed a collaborative relationship built on sharing information and experiences regarding the Native American Flute. This sharing continues to evolve and transform as we find more effective methods for information delivery. Our most recent "grandchild" is this section of his page, where you will be able to find a wide variety of the most current and effective tips about performance, flute making, notation, flute selection, care and maintenance, composition, history, and anything else that will improve your experience with the flute.
     This brings up the most important part of the Flute Forum: YOU! As a career musician and teacher, I know that the most important part of any learning process is the active involvement of the learner. This translates as an open and continuing invitation for YOU to be involved with the contents and design of the Flute Forum.

     Do you have a question that you haven't been able to satisfy?
     Do you have a tip that you think will help other players or flute makers?
     Do you want to have an entire article posted?
     Do you want your latest recording, publication, or your newest flute reviewed?
     Do you have a review of a performance, workshop or camp that you would like to share?
     >Are you offering a performance, workshop, camp, etc., and want to get the word out?
     >Do you do therapeutic or educational work involving the flute and have a story to share about someone's transformation or profound personal experience? Perhaps your own story?

     All you have to do is let us know by e-mail and we'll do the rest. We can receive any type of question, comment or articles in this way, either as contents of an e-mail letter or as an attached document (if it is formatted appropriately). If you need to send a recording, book, flute or other large object, send an e-mail message with that information. We will then give you the address where you should send the materials that you wish to be reviewed. Anything that is being reviewed or advertised should include a short biography of the person contributing.
     If you are familiar with chat rooms, this isn't one. We are interested in promoting the sharing of thoughts and experiences that are helpful and bring people together. Go ahead and send all of your ideas. We will publish those we feel accomplish our collective mission, which is to inform and help bond people that share our interest and passion, which is the Native American Flute and all that it allows.

  Who are the Flute Forum authors?
     Our hope is that this 'column' will be directed by you and the rest of our readers. It can only happen with your input.
This is our introduction of the Flute Forum.

  You have a voice here.
     Write to us at: webmaster@loomisflute.com
     Please communicate with us and share your needs and questions.

If you use these hints, you"re on your way to selecting a great flute! Good Hunting!!!
Copyright 1998 by Dennis Sizemore

     Do you have questions about caring for or playing your Native American flute? We"d love to hear from you. Email: webmaster@loomisflute.com

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