Gary Stroutsos

     "With backgrounds in American jazz, Afro-Cuban and American Indian music, Gary Stroutsos pushes the boundaries of original flute music being composed and recorded today. A self-taught ethnomusicologist, Stroutsos is strongly respectful of ethnic cultures and musical traditions. Since 1994 he has produced and recorded over ten albums and has been featured throughout the world on the NPR syndicated programs "Echoes" with John Diliberto and Skitch Henderson's "New York Evening at the Pops." His music has also been featured on the Ken Burns PBS documentary Lewis and Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery, which led to a command performance at the White House for President Bill Clinton."

    "Scott understands the respect and dignity the culture and music of Native Americans deserve. He takes pride in his work, creating a personal extension of himself in his flutes."
    Gary Stroutsos, Makoche Records

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